West Texas Tour, Stop Two: Midland

By , 02/28/12


FreedomWorks for America continued its West Texas Tour at 6pm on Monday night, training 20 new activists and rallying support for our endorsed Senate candidate, Ted Cruz.

The West Texas Tour is part of our comprehensive effort to reach out to new grassroots communities often overlooked by other national organizations and provide them with practical activism training they can use every day.

Rand Paul backs primary challenge to Rep. Tim Murphy

By , 02/28/12

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has endorsed Tea Party challenger Evan Feinberg (R), a former staffer, in his race against longtime Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.).

Paul is a favorite of Tea Party supporters and conservatives. His endorsement of Feinberg comes on the heels of the backing of another prominent conservative and former Feinberg employer: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).

Both men told The Hill in December that they might endorse Feinberg.

Paul described Feinberg as "a tireless advocate for limited government and individual liberty."

Richard Mourdock wins 88 percent of the vote in GOP straw poll

By Josh Eboch, 02/27/12

In a sign of the growing momentum behind Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock's campaign for U.S, Senate, he won last Saturday's GOP straw poll in a landslide. A full 61 out of the 69 precinct committeemen (88 percent) from Delaware and Henry counties chose Mourdock over his primary opponent, six-term Senator Dick Lugar.

West Texas Tour, Stop One: Abilene

By , 02/25/12


As part of our Take America Back 2012 campaign, FreedomWorks for America began an extensive West Texas Tour today with a grassroots training workshop at the Prime Time Family Center in Abilene.

The event began at 2 p.m. with Campaigns Coordinator David Spielman greeting the 25 activists in attendance and leading a discussion of our long term grassroots strategy: “Build to win, win to build.”

Have you gotten your Don Stenberg yard sign yet?

By Josh Eboch, 02/24/12

There is only one candidate in the Nebraska Senate race that conservatives can trust to fight for freedom in Washington, and his name is Don Stenberg. Others might talk a good game, but those are just empty words on the campaign trail.

Jon Bruning, in particular, wants to hide from his own record of support for affirmative action and government health care by speaking the language of conservatives and hoping they won't check the facts. But we know who Jon Bruning is, and he's not the constitutional conservative Nebraska deserves.

FreedomWorks Headed to West Texas

By Josh Eboch, 02/23/12

FreedomWorks for America is headed to West Texas, and we want to see you there. Starting Saturday, February 25th, our grassroots team will be conducting training events in Abilene, Midland-Odessa and San Angelo that you won’t want to miss.

The candidate who wasn't there

By Josh Eboch, 02/16/12

Last weekend, the FreedomWorks for America grassroots team attended a candidate forum hosted by the Republican Liberty Caucus in Kearney, Nebraska. It was a great chance for voters and the media to hear straight from the candidates themselves about how they hope to serve Nebraskans if elected.

Unfortunately, one candidate, Attorney General Jon Bruning, skipped the event rather than have to face voters and answer tough questions about his record. 

And there are a lot of questions.

Hatch Cosponsored the Individual Mandate

By Russ Walker, 02/15/12

If you watch television, listen to the radio, or read your mail you’ve probably already gotten the fairytale being told by Orrin Hatch: he’s “a conservative who’ll fight Big Government, repeal health care’s individual mandate, and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment”—all things he apparently couldn’t do after 36 years in Washington.

Hoosiers, meet your Senator from Virginia

By Matt Kibbe, 02/15/12

I’d like you to meet a United States Senator from Virginia. A Senator who’s seeking a seventh term—in Indiana.

His name is Dick Lugar and he hasn’t lived in Indiana since 1977.  Instead, Lugar has been living just outside the Beltway of Washington, D.C. in northern Virginia. When Lugar does occasionally make it to Indiana, he stays in hotels at the taxpayers’ expense!

Don Stenberg: Not Just Another Republican

By Josh Eboch, 02/08/12

With Ben Nelson retiring, there’s a strong possibility that the next Senator from Nebraska will be a Republican. But for times like these Nebraska needs more than just another Republican.

Richard Mourdock's Record of Leadership and Fiscal Responsibility

By Josh Eboch, 02/08/12

It’s not every election that grassroots conservatives have the chance to support a proven leader with rock-solid principles and a track record to back them up, but Richard Mourdock is a special kind of candidate.

Campaigning for Ted Cruz in Austin, Texas

By Amanda Shell, 02/06/12

FreedomWorks for America has just returned from the successful Conservative Texans Political Action Conference that was held in Austin, Texas. The weekend event was attended by over 200 grassroots activists from across the state, including members from the San Antonio Tea Party, the Waco Tea Party, and the Austin Tea Party. FreedomWorks for America led two grassroots training workshops to help prepare Texans on how to launch a successful get-out-the-vote campaign.

Can't Teach an Old RINO New Tricks

By Josh Eboch, 02/03/12

For months, Senator Lugar has been scrambling to portray himself as a conservative in his bid to win over Republican voters ahead of Indiana's May 8th Senate primary, but yesterday's vote on earmarks showed yet again that 36 years of Big Government is a hard habit to break.

New Poll Shows Don Stenberg Rising in Nebraska

By Josh Eboch, 02/02/12

Poll numbers released today by Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund seem to bode well for state Treasurer and FWFA-endorsed candidate for Senate Don Stenberg in Nebraska. With just over three months to go before election day, Stenberg is only a few points behind the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination and closing fast.

Upcoming Events in Nebraska

By Josh Eboch, 02/01/12

This is going to be an exciting month in Nebraska’s Republican Senate primary, where FreedomWorks for America has endorsed state Treasurer Don Stenberg, and we’re looking forward to participating in three important events across the Cornhusker state.

The first event is a candidate forum at 9 am on Saturday, February 11th in Kearney. The forum will be broadcast live online and FreedomWorks for America will be there to show our support for Don Stenberg, and to distribute campaign materials to local activists.

Politico Highlights Grassroots Campaign to Retire Lugar

By Josh Eboch, 02/01/12

HFCS PoliticoSenator Lugar has a problem. A growing number of Hoosier voters have realized that after 36 years in office he no longer represents their fiscally conservative values, and are taking steps to replace him with a candidate who does. That candidate is Richard Mourdock.

Now it seems the national media is beginning to take notice.

Hoosiers Planning Senator Lugar's Retirement Party

By Josh Eboch, 01/23/12

FreedomWorks for America and our grassroots allies in Indiana are looking forward to throwing Senator Richard Lugar a retirement party on May 8th and you’re invited. To RSVP, all you have to do is pick up the phone.

Conservative activists across the state are taking a few minutes each day to call GOP primary voters and ask them to reject Senator Lugar’s Big Government record by supporting his opponent Richard Mourdock for Senate.

Back on the campaign trail in Utah

By Kristina Ribali, 01/12/12

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back out on the campaign trail. We’re back in beautiful Utah once again this week working with our incredible activists and Tea Party leaders. Last night was our kickoff with coalition leaders.