More on the Klobuchar Connection with Ponzi Schemer

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/29/12

A few days agao we reported the Daily Caller's investigation which exposed the connection between Democratic Senator Klobuchar and convicted Ponzi schemer, Petters. On Friday, Republican Senate Candidate, Kurt Bills released an ad explaining Klobuchar's involvement and refusal to prosecute Petters criminal activity. 

Nelson Voted for Tax Increases 157 Times

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/26/12

Democrat Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson has a long history of voting for higher taxes. An examination of Senator Nelson's voting record shows consistent support for the policies that have driven America to the brink of fiscal ruin. Here's the run down:

2001: Nelson voted at least 25 times in favor of higher taxes

2002: The one and only year Nelson refrained from voting to raise taxes

2003: Nelson voted at least 36 times in favor of higher taxes

2004: Nelson voted at least 6 times in favor of higher taxes

Latest Rasmussen Poll Shows Brown Gaining On Mandel

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/25/12

A Rasmussen Poll released yesterday showed Senator Brown with a large jump in support over Republican challenger, Josh Mandel.  The survey, conducted among 750 likely voters had a margin of error of four points. 

The War on Coal in America

By Anastasia Przybylski, 10/24/12

On the Campaign trail in 2008, President Obama candidly mentioned in an interview that if the U.S didn't move away from coal to produce energy, then he would make sure that our electric bills would "necessarily sky rocket."  Guess what?  This is one area where he has kept his word and utility bills are on the rise.

Minnesota Democrat Senator Connected to Ponzi Schemer?

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/24/12

Matthew Boyle, Investigative Reporter at the the Daily Caller, recently unveiled what could be a game changer in the Minnesota Senate race.  A trail of documents seems to indicate incumbent Democratic Senator Klobuchar's connection to a convicted Ponzi schemer. In a tale that reads like the script of a LifeTime movie, all evidence suggests Senator Klobuchar was involved in scandalous judicial malpractice, cover ups, backroom deals... the works.

Allen West Ad: This is Our America

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/24/12

Yesterday, the National Republican Congressional Committe (NRCC) released a powerful ad supporting Rep. West.  

The American Dream is very simple in the fact that a young man born in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia in 1961 now lives here. That's the American Dream. There's no such thing as a Somali Dream, a Chinese Dream. There's one dream, the American Dream and that's why people came to these shores. 

Karen Harrington Plans to Unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

By Loren Heal, 10/22/12

Karen Harrington is running in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The race has national implications, even more than in a typical Congressional race, as Schultz is the Democrat National Committee Chair.

Harrington out-raised the incumbent by a 2 to 1 ratio in the most recent filing period, results released last week show.

Endorsements have been flooding in for Harrington, including those from

In a wide-ranging telephone interview, Harrington discussed the main issues in the race, the mood of voters in the district, and her absentee opponent. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a 6% lifetime rating with FreedomWorks, including a 0% yearly score for four out of the last seven years.

Victory Centers Opened in Louisiana

By Kristina Ribali, 10/22/12

With just over two weeks until the election, our volunteers are working hard to ensure that Republicans keep control over the House and that we take back the Senate.  In Louisiana, our activists have been working hard for House Representative Jeff Landry of the 3rd district. They've opened up two victory centers and have organizing activities planned.

Veterans Stand with Jeff Flake

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/22/12

The Arizona Senate race is one of many close races this election cycle. With a vacant seat following Senator Kyle's retirement, winning this election just keeps the seat red. According to the latest polls, Republican Senate candidate, Jeff Flake, holds a miniscule lead over Democratic challenger, Richard Carmona. Trying to carve out a substantial lead, Jeff Flake's latest ad shows three Arizona veterans explaining why Flake is the man for the job:


Ron Paul Endorses Connie Mack for Senate

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/18/12

According to LibertyPAC, Congressman Ron Paul recently endoresed Connie Mack, IV, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida.  The endorsement states:

Congressman Connie Mack has had a distinguished career in public service fighting for Florida and the ideals of Freedom, Security and Prosperity.

Econ101 With Minnesota Republican Senate Candidate, Kurt Bills

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/17/12

Kurt Bills is the Republican contender for U.S. Senate in Minnesota. Bills is a High School Ecnomics teacher and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.  Incredibly enough, and unlike most politicians, Bills still teaches his economics class every morning.  

Bills decided to run for Senate after a student asked, "Mr. Bills, what are we supposed to do about this?" referring to the national debt and deficit in 2008.  In a letter to the people of Minnesota, Bills explains:

With Twenty Days Until the Election, FreedomWorks Endorsed Senate Candidates Need Your Help

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/17/12

While it is imperative that we fire President Obama November 6, our only chance of repealing the Obama agenda and Obamacare is to ensure a Senate majority. 

FreedomWorks employs a rigorous selection process before committing their endorsement. Candidates are selected based on their track record, their commitment to fiscal responsibility and their dedication to individual liberty, among other criteria.

Virginia Senate Race Still a Dead Heat

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/16/12

The Virginia Senate race is an interesting one. This is not a race of untested politicians. Both candidates are former Virginia Governor's, both have legislative records. Tim Kaine, former Virginia Governor and former DNC Chair is on the Democratic ticket while former Virginia Governor and former Virginia Senator, George Allen is the GOP's candidate of choice.

Latest Rasmussen Poll Shows Mourdock With Five Point Lead Over Donnelly After First Debate

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/16/12

Just yesterday we reported that polling data released Saturday showed Repubclican Indiana Senate Candidate, Richard Mourdock with a three point lead over Democratic challenger, Rep. Joe Donnelly. Last night Rasmussen released a poll showing Mourdock moving to a five point lead over Donnelly. 

The Anderson Tea Party Loves Josh Mandel

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/15/12

Freedom loving activists in Ohio are working hard and doing their part to elect Republican Senate Candidate, Josh Mandel. The Anderson Tea Party distributed over 16,000 FreedomWorks door hangers. But they didn't stop there. They organized a sign wave, more distribution sites and signed up more volunteers for yard sign distributions.

FreePAC Heads to Orlando This Week

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/15/12

First spotted in Dallas, then Cincinatti and Phoenix, FreePAC's next stop is Orlando, Florida, Friday, October 19. I've had the privilege of atttending all three events and each one was incredible. 

Here's a peek from this past weekend's FreePAC in Phoenix:

New Poll Shows Richard Mourdock With Three Point Lead

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/15/12

According to Roll Call, a poll released Saturday shows Indiana Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock with a three point lead over Democratic challenger, Rep. Joe Donnelly. 

Mourdock had 45 percent, while Rep. Joe Donnelly (D) took 42 percent in the survey paid for by the GOP candidate's campaign.  Roll call obtained a copy of the poll's accompanying memo.

Grassroots Activists Protest at Clinton/Carmona Rally

By Brian LaSorsa, 10/11/12

Arizona-based grassroots activists protested Wednesday outside of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona’s get-out-the-vote rally.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of the candidate in Tempe and discussed the importance of Barack Obama’s healthcare law. Clinton also told the crowd of college students that the Romney-Ryan budget proposal will make tuition costs skyrocket.

“There are a lot of Richard Carmonas out there today,” Clinton said.

But he wasn’t paying attention to the crowd gathering outside of the gates.

Campaign Tip of the Week

By Henry Graebe, 10/10/12

Using social media is a great way to reach a mass audience in a cost effective way which, in essence, is what grassroots campaigning is all about.  An individual no longer needs to rely solely on a candidate to spread a message on their behalf.  Even those who are not able, or not willing, to sign blitz or phone bank are still able to participate in the process and make a difference before Election Day.

Paul Sadler No Match for Ted Cruz in First Texas Senate Debate

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/04/12

Tuesday night, Ted Cruz squared off against Democratic Senate Candidate, Paul Sadler in the first of two scheduled debates.

Stumbling out of the gate, Sadler demanded to know why Cruz refused to accept all six debate invites. Cruz calmly explained that he was on the road meeting with voters on a constant basis, visiting a different city virtually every day.