Dewhurst Campaign Engages in Misleading Social Media

By Kemberlee Kaye, 06/30/12


While browsing through my Twitter feed yesterday, I noticed an account that I didn't recognize. Since I follow the Texas Senate race quite closely I'm familiar with all the major players. Naturally, I assumed this account was some sort of apolitical feed dedicated to keeping this contentious race honest. With a name like "TXSen Fact Checker" why wouldn't it be neutral? 

FreedomWorks Visits "We the People Convention" in Ohio

By Kemberlee Kaye, 06/29/12

Engaging grassroots activists in yet another battleground state, FreedomWorks joined over four hundred patriots at the We the People Convention held in Columbus, Ohio. FreedomWorks offered sessions on issues ranging from Replacing Obamacare to School Choice.  Activists were also given the opportuntity to learn how to maximize grassroots effectiveness by attending "Get out the Vote: 101."

Dewhurts' 5 Lies in the Senate Debate

By Saul Mendoza, 06/28/12

On Friday June 22nd Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst faced off in their first one-on-one debate after the primary elections. The debate was also the first to be translated by Univision Texas into Spanish. Throughout the debate Dewhurst made many claims that were easily refuted by his record.

LIE #1: “He (Dewhurst) never supported a payroll tax”

Cruz Pledged To Repeal Obama Care, Dewhurst Has Not

By Jordan Grenadier, 06/28/12

If the Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of Obama Care today has taught us anything, it is that we need strong conservatives in Congress that will work to repeal this piece of legislation. Ted Cruz has actively campaigned that he will repeal every word of the bill, but where does David Dewhurst stand?

Dewhurst Continues to Play More Political Games

By Saul Mendoza, 06/20/12

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s campaign released a video today labeling Ted Cruz as the “DC PAC Man.” In their video the campaign illustrates a version of the classic arcade game, Pac-Man, but rather than the yellow pac-dot munching circle we see the head of Ted Cruz running around the familiar maze. As Ted’s face progresses it eats the logos of all the PACs that have helped aid his campaign such as that of Club for Growth and FreedomWorks.

Carrying the Momentum to Ohio

By Henry Graebe, 06/13/12

Senator Sherrod Brown must be more than nervous by now. Ohio’s Senate race is at full throttle and the results have not been kind to the sitting Senator.

Ted Cruz on Conservatism and Walking the Walk

By Kemberlee Kaye, 06/13/12

These days everyone in the Republican party is a conservative... or so they say.  Once used to categorize a very particular breed of Republican, "conservative" has morphed into an overused, and often abused synonym of "Republican."  This semantical progression makes distinguishing principled conservatives from rhetorical conservatives difficult. 

Senator Brown Pleads Ignorance on Huge Ohio Jobs-Saving Vote

By Meghan Feely, 06/12/12

Senator Sherrod Brown has been representing the great state of Ohio in Congress for the past 19 years.  Brown consistently runs on a strong jobs message, claiming to have Ohioans best interests at heart.  Ohio also happens to be a huge coal state, with a great deal of its economy being driven by the large-scale production and consumption of coal.  So, given this tidbit of information, one would think when a

Hatch is Shortchanging Utah

By Henry Graebe, 06/09/12

Nearly two months after Utah’s GOP Convention, when Orrin Hatch failed to meet the 60 percent threshold of delegate votes required to avoid a runoff, Senator Hatch has finally agreed to debate his challenger Dan Liljenquist.  Unfortunately, it’s only a radio debate.

Don't be Fooled by Dewhurst's Lies, Trust Ted

By Saul Mendoza, 06/05/12

Texas politics could not get any more problematic than it has this year. After having to deal with a redistricting battle in the courts and summer primaries we are yet to have our party nominees. The primary led to many Texas House, Texas Senate, and local races to go into runoffs but none are as exciting as the race for US Senator. Former Solicitor General of Texas Ted Cruz forced Lt. Governor David Dewhurst into what will be a very heated runoff until voting concludes on July 31st.

Dewhurst to Debate Cruz in Spanish?

By Jordan Grenadier, 06/05/12

When Texas voters go to the polls on July 31 to cast their ballot for the next US Senator they will choose the conservative candidate who will be a fighter in Washington DC and stand up for freedom. But most importantly they will vote for the candidate with the best Spanish. The level at which the candidate can speak Spanish is of course the determining factor in this race. While some may think that a candidate’s positions on policy are important, David Dewhurst is here to tell you otherwise.

Economy Leaves Voters with Important Decisions

By Henry Graebe, 06/01/12

Three months ago, the New York Times referred to the 120,000 jobs created in March as “disappointing.”  The number of jobs added in April, originally released as 115,000, was revised down to just 77,000. Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the number of jobs added to the economy in May- a mere 69,000. How will the New York Times refer to this month’s job report?

Ted Cruz Heads to Round Two

By Kemberlee Kaye, 05/31/12

Defying the critics, the odds and the lies, Ted Cruz wrapped up the Texas primary within striking distance of frontrunner, David Dewhurst.  The end result? A run off.  

It's Election Day in Texas and the Choice is Clear, America Needs Ted Cruz

By Kemberlee Kaye, 05/29/12

The Texas Primary is today. It's been a nasty battle between the old guard Republican candidate, David Dewhurst and constitutional conservative, Ted Cruz.  Regardless of whether or not you reside in Texas, this senate race affects you. As Philip Klein pointed out:

Dewhurst Waits Until the Eleventh Hour to Slander Ted Cruz

By Kemberlee Kaye, 05/28/12

Early primary voting in the Lone Star State ended Friday.  David Dewhurst rounded out early voting not with ads touting his record but with slanderous attack ads directed at Ted Cruz. But these ads weren't the typical negative ads containing just enough truth to be credible. Taking mudslinging to a new level, the Dewhurst campaign falsely accused Cruz of being pro-amnesty.

Rick Santorum Endorses Ted Cruz for Texas Senate

By Kemberlee Kaye, 05/24/12

As early voting in the Texas primary draws to a close, Ted Cruz picks up yet another high profile endorsement. Following the recent endorsments of Governor Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity, this morning, Rick Santorum also endorsed Ted Cruz.

Santorum told talk radio host Michael Berry:

Barr & Massie Win in Kentucky

By Henry Graebe, 05/23/12

Last night, two FreedomWorks for America-endorsed candidates emerged victorious. Thomas Massie and Andy Barr, both from Kentucky, won their primaries and will advance to the general election on Tuesday, November 6.

Keeping Romney in check will require principled leaders in Congress

By Philip Klein, 05/22/12

Many supporters of limited government are clamoring for Republicans to take back the Senate and the White House in November. But what’s important isn’t merely whether the GOP has nominal control of Congress, but whether the individual lawmakers being sent to Washington are willing to stand up for limited government principles.     

Sean Hannity Endorses Texan Tea Party Favorite, Ted Cruz

By Kemberlee Kaye, 05/19/12

Sean Hannity, conservative talk radio host and Fox News host endorsed Tea Party Texas Senate candidate, Ted Cruz yesterday. Hannity's endorsement is the latest in a string of notable conservatives and conservative organizations which include Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Jim DeMint, Red State, FreedomWorks and many more.

Fischer Upsets Bruning

By Henry Graebe, 05/16/12

Last night, Deb Fischer won a close race against Jon Bruning and, for the second time in two weeks, Republicans have won primaries against establishment candidates despite being enormously outspent.  Deb Fischer continued the momentum from last Tuesday’s victor, Richard Mourdock, who set the tone for the rest of the electoral cycle that a limited government is still in vogue. She will now face Bob Kerrey in November.