FreedomWorks for America Congratulates Ted Cruz on Runoff Election Victory

By Jacqueline Bodnar, 08/01/12

Houston, TX- FreedomWorks for America congratulated constitutional conservative Ted Cruz in his game-changing underdog Senate runoff victory over establishment, K Street-funded candidate David Dewhurst. Cruz was outspent by the Dewhurst campaign by a ratio of more than 3 to 1, yet prevailed by a comfortable margin.

FreedomWorks for America President Matt Kibbe commented, “Ted Cruz’s victory is the latest step in the ‘Tea Party Hostile Takeover,’ a larger national movement that goes beyond taking back the Republican majority in the Senate, to also replace our current misguided GOP incumbents with true fiscal conservatives.”

Kibbe continued, “The success of the Cruz campaign changes the playing field for contemporary political campaign strategy. The game has changed. Big money and television ads no longer put a candidate over the edge. Grassroots activists, armed with good ideas and hard work, will be the strongest and most effective force in the effort to fundamentally change the Republican Party from the inside-out.”

“Old guard GOP political consultants did everything right for the Dewhurst campaign, yet they lost anyway, out-muscled by the power and determination of the bottom-up conservative grassroots constituency. The Senate primary upsets in states like Indiana and Texas are further proof that disintermediation politics –putting individuals back in charge- is the future of American politics, and the only conceivable way that ‘We the People’ can take back our seat at the table as citizen shareholders of our government.”

FreedomWorks for America was one of Ted Cruz’s earliest endorsements, announcing support for the constitutional conservative in June 2011.

Since the endorsement, FreedomWorks for America hosted 28 “Get out the Vote” activist training sessions to mobilize and train its grassroots community of over 115,000 members across the state. FreedomWorks for America volunteers worked determinedly to establish 50 campaign distribution centers, where they circulated over 125,000 door hangers, 30,000 yard signs, and 9,000 bumper stickers in support of Ted Cruz.    

A final 72-hour victory headquarters was set up at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington, TX, where thousands of activists stopped by throughout the days to pick up walking maps, voter education materials, or to do some last-chance phone banking. Over 1 million phone calls were made to micro-targeted likely voters, including two National Call Days for Cruz using FreedomWorks for America phone banking technology.

“The tireless efforts of our grassroots volunteers on the ground, equipped with sophisticated ‘Get out the Vote’ technology, are responsible for the boomerang shift in momentum away from David Dewhurst and towards Ted Cruz,” commented Amanda Shell, Campaign Coordinator for FreedomWorks for America. “The spark of the Tea Party takeover was reignited with Richard Mourdock’s underdog victory in the Indiana Senate Republican primary, kept alive by Ted Cruz’s upset victory tonight, and will inevitably carry on to propel fiscal conservative candidates like Jeff Flake in Arizona and Josh Mandel in Ohio to victory as well.”

FreedomWorks for America is a grassroots Super PAC with over 1.8 million members nationwide, dedicated to electing fiscal conservatives who will advance the principles of lower taxes, less government and more freedom. Unlike traditional Super PACs which exist to produce expensive advertising buys, FreedomWorks for America was created to develop tools to empower local activists to create a winning ground game that will transform grassroots conservatism into lasting political change this November.

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