Win or Lose, Work Begins Again Tomorrow

By Kemberlee Kaye, 11/06/12

Today is the day so many hard working activists have been waiting for. From a contentious presidential primary to many hard-fought primary victories and near victories, it all comes down to today. 

I've seen varying opinions on the outcome of the presidential race, some incredibly optimistic, others not so much. But regardless of the polling data and the punditry, one thing is certain; America is experiencing an awakening. 

From the inception of the Tea Party, to what the Democrats called the "red wave" of the 2010 elections and even Chick-fil-A appreciation day, there is no denying that throughout the course of the past four years, there are many, many Americans politically engaged and politically active that had never been so before, myself included. 

Our reasons for wanting to win may vary but fundamentally the underlying principle is the same; we just want government to leave us alone. 

Even if the optimistic pundits are correct and we have a landslide victory tonight, our work does not stop. With a new administration and new elected officials come new challenges and new battles that must be won. We must continue to work to roll back intrusive government and hold our elected officials accountable to their promises. 

If we lose, we must dig deep and fight with greater ferver and hopeful hearts like the happy warriors we are. 

Despite the outcome of tonight's results, our work continues. It's a privilege to fight alongside each of you, thank you for all of your hard work and may God bless these great United States of America.