Why These Voters Support Joe Walsh

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/31/12

Last week, I caught up with voters and volunteers who support Rep. Joe Walsh's re-election bid. They've done all the dirty work -- phone banking, block walking and passing out signs. Obviously anyone willing to forgo so much free time must have a reason for doing so, so I asked why they support Rep. Walsh. Here's what they had to say:

He's my idea of what the Constitution describes as a citizen legislature, he does not take the purse, he does not take the healthcare or the pension. He votes in favor of the Constitution. He sleeps in his office in D.C. which saves taxpayers thousands of dollars a year

Another women explained that Rep. Walsh is, "very passionate about everything he does." And another volunteer said, "he doesn't come down here promising he's going to give you everything.  He's not one of those regular politicians." A gentleman indicated he appreciated that Rep. Walsh, "doesn't go to Hollywood to get his money, he gets it here." 

I also asked why they believe it's important to keep people like Rep. Walsh in office.

One volunteer chimed in saying, "because we're in debt $16 trillion." She went on to say:

We're from Illinois and we know that Illinois is probably in debt up to $235 billion in unpaid pensions and I personally have a relative who was a life-long teacher and just retired in the last year or so. They had local people investing their pensions for them and everything and a couple of years ago she gets this phone call that Blago took their money.  It's scary. You think you worked hard, they took money away from you, supposedly for your pension and are you going to get it? I don't know.

For her, this is personal. Not only are irresponsible fiscal policies affecting her family, they cost her one of her two part time jobs. She explained that she worked in sales, but since there were no customers she was laid off. Hanging her head, she went on to say that if she couldn't find work she may be forced to leave the state. 

Yet another volunteer explained, "this state will go bankrupt.  Most people aren't even hearing about what's going to happen to Illinois." A woman, recently retired and now on a fixed income said, "I just lost my health care from where I retired, getting ready for Obamacare. You think I like it? They gave us this big raise on Social Security, 1.7% like it's a big deal, but it's nowhere near enough to cover the Medicare increases."  "They said she could have the healthcare and then they take it away," said another. 

These voters are like many Americans. They have so much at stake and to them, it's Rep. Walsh and people like him who can make a difference, who can get America back on track.