What are the Democrats thinking?

By Matt Kibbe, 03/01/12

It’s hard to believe, but Democrats in Nebraska are moving even further out of the mainstream this year. They want Nebraskans to trade Ben “Cornhusker Kickback” Nelson for former Senator Bob Kerrey, who spent the last decade living in New York City.

While there, Kerrey bragged, “The longer I live here, the further to the left I get on health care.”

Does that sound like a Senator that Nebraskans need representing them in Washington?

Conservatives in the Cornhusker State don’t want socialized medicine, they want a free market. They know we need to repeal ObamaCare and they certainly won’t support a candidate who thinks “nationalization” of the health care system is a good idea. Unfortunately, that candidate is Bob Kerrey.

To know what kind of Senator Bob Kerrey would be, just look at who he admires. Kerrey told The National Journal, “We need more Harry Reids” in the U.S. Senate.

I couldn’t disagree more.

America needs constitutional conservative leaders unafraid take on Harry Reid and Barack Obama, and put a stop to their Big Government agenda. Leaders like Mike Lee, Jim DeMint and Rand Paul.

Leaders like Don Stenberg.

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