The War on Coal in America

By Anastasia Przybylski, 10/24/12

On the Campaign trail in 2008, President Obama candidly mentioned in an interview that if the U.S didn't move away from coal to produce energy, then he would make sure that our electric bills would "necessarily sky rocket."  Guess what?  This is one area where he has kept his word and utility bills are on the rise.

A War on Coal is being waged in this country by bureaucrats and Barack Obama.  This in turn becomes a war on consumers.  As consumers, we have not yet felt the full impact of this War on Coal since the loss of coal power plants and subsequent generated electricity takes some time to move through the system. 

Because of the regulations being implemented by the EPA, it has become too expensive to run coal power plants.  Electric companies across America are planning on, or are in the process of shutting down hundreds of coal plants.  This is a direct result of the utility compaines being forced to make updates to their equipment imposed by government bureaucrats and government regulators.  For some companies the cost is just too high.  According to the non-partisan U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), these closings will cost the USA 60,000 jobs and increase the average electric bill 17%.  Already thousands of US coal miners have lost their jobs during Obama's tenure adding to our nation's unemployment figures. Deneen Borelli

West Virginia Republican Rep. Shelly Moore Capito, co-founder of the Congressional Coal Caucus, said in a written statement, "The President's extreme policies are crippling entire towns and making it harder for workers to find jobs. Because of the President's War on Coal, thousands of West Virgina families have to worry about where their next paycheck is going to come from."  It is the same across cities and towns in the coal regions of our country. Coal is mined in 26 states with Wyoming mining the most coal, followed by West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Many people in the climate change camp see the shutting of coal power plants and the loss of coal mining jobs as a necessity, negating the fact that coal makes up over 75% of our current electricity production. They may look at skyrocketing electric bills and accept the new reality simply because of their overriding environmental concerns.  But the truth is that green energy tecnology is decades away from being practical or affordable without gigantic government subsidies.  And with a $16 Trillion debt, where will that money come from?  Further, they fail to see that just because we regulate coal powered plants out of operation in the United States, it doesn't mean they won't be built in other countries or that other countries will adhere to any environmental standards at all.  It is estimated that one power plant per month is opening in developing countries like China and India. Unlikely that either of these countries are deterred by the our concerns for the envirnonment. Anastasia

These reasons, among others are why it is so important to expose Obama's War on Coal.  Last week in Harrisburg, PA, FreedomWorks For America hosted a War on Coal press conference. The goal was to educate Pennsylvanians about the War on Coal and tell the people what the policies of Bob Casey Jr. and President Obama are going to do to energy costs in this country. Speakers included Mark Fischer, Candidate for Pa Staste Representative in district 50, Former State Senator, John Pippy of the PA Coal Alliance, Deneen Borelli, Author of Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are driving Americans to the Government Plantation, Dr. Tom Borelli , an expert of energy policy, Kevin Shivers of NFIB and Gary Debois a coal miner.

The press conference was well attended by local activists and media.  What was unexpected were the amount of general assembly members who came to show their support without being notified or previously invited. In attendance were: Senator Dan White, Rep. Scott Hutchinson, Rep Jeffery Pyle, Rep Jerry Knowls, Rep Carl Metzgar, Rep. Kurt Masser,  Rep Donna Oberlander, Rep. Kathy Rapp-Waren, Rep Steve Barrar, Rep.Rick Saccone, Rep Matt Gabler, Rep. Dick Hess and Senator Gene Yaw. We appreciate their support. Tom Borelli

I am hoping to see sanity bought back to the White House and Senate this election.  We cannot continue to close down coal plants, lay off workers and expect our economy to rebound. That is why with your help, we can and must win in November. Let's Send Tom Smith to Washington, retake the Senate and give President Obama the boot.