Thanks, Texas!

By , 03/02/12

What a week! The FreedomWorks for America grassroots team just wrapped up an amazing West Texas tour where we had a chance to meet and train more than 120 activists at three events from Abilene to Midland to San Angelo.

Thanks to all the great folks who came out to learn strategies for educating their friends and neighbors about Ted Cruz’s campaign for U.S. Senate, and how to help Get-Out-the-Vote on Election Day.

TX Train

Along the way we had a chance to experience the incredible energy and momentum that’s behind Ted Cruz and his insurgent grassroots campaign. The establishment is doing everything possible to stop his message from getting out, but the more voters find out about Ted Cruz the more they agree with FreedomWorks and Senator Jim DeMint that he’s exactly the kind of constitutional conservative leader we need in Washington, D.C.

You can get involved in the campaign to elect Ted Cruz RIGHT NOW. Please take a moment to: