Ted Cruz Will Debate Paul Sadler October 2

By Kemberlee Kaye, 08/27/12

Following a decisive victory in the Texas Primary Runoff, it's time for Ted Cruz to face Democratic candidate for Senate, Paul Sadler.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Ted Cruz and Paul Sadler, who are running to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison, have agreed to a televised debate on October 2 in Dallas.

The debate will be hosted by ABC affiliate WFAA, the station reported Wednesday. The debate will be in a "roundtable format" similar to a July GOP debate hosted by WFAA that featured Cruz and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. The format will allow moderators to ask follow-up questions and allow the candidates to address each other.

Sadler recently asserted Cruz was "unknown to a vast majority of Texans," a claim Politifact found "mostly false." Sunday, Sadler told Cruz to go back to Canada:

"He needs to go back to Washington where he's from, or Canada, because he doesn't reflect us," Sadler said. "I was born and raised here... when you cut me, I bleed Texas. He doesn't, and I don't have much use for it." 

Born to parents who are American citizens, Cruz was born in Calgary, but raised in Houston, Texas.

Trying to paint Cruz as an outsider and extremist, Sadler called Cruz's ideas "radical" saying, "We don't support those extreme views, that's not who we are." 

A recent poll in the Texas Senate race had Cruz leading Salder by ten points. However, this poll was taken well before Cruz surged in to the national spotlight, becoming a Tea Party hero.  Cruz is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night