Ted Cruz on Conservatism and Walking the Walk

By Kemberlee Kaye, 06/13/12

These days everyone in the Republican party is a conservative... or so they say.  Once used to categorize a very particular breed of Republican, "conservative" has morphed into an overused, and often abused synonym of "Republican."  This semantical progression makes distinguishing principled conservatives from rhetorical conservatives difficult. 

The first time I sat down with Ted Cruz we had this discussion. With "conservative" being the new "Republican" how is a voter to know if a candidate is riding the Tea Party wave into electoral victory or if the rhetoric stems from deep seated principles? Very pointedly I asked why voters should believe he was the conservative he claimed. His answer was one of many reasons Ted Cruz has my support.  

Rather than giving you rhetoric, let me just talk about my record. One thing I say often on the stump, I quote a former boss of mine, conservative U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, "if I'm ever acused of being a Christian, I'd like for there to be enough evidence to convict me." Now I think that's very true. It's equally true of being a conservative. If you're really a conservative, you don't need to tell people, you will bear the stripes of having stood up and fought for the principles.

For five and a half years I served as the Solicitor General of Texas.  I was appointed by Greg Abbot, who I think is the finest Attorney General in the whole country. Over and over again we led the nation defending conservative principles.  We led the nation defending the Ten Comandments monument on the state capitol grounds, we went to the U.S. Supreme Court and won 5-4.  We defended the Pledge of Allegiance, went to the Supreme Court and won unanimously. We defended the second amendment, went to the U.S. Supreme Court and won 5-4. We stood up and fought at the World Court, the United Nations, ninety-four nations for the United States, defending U.S. sovereignty and won 6-3.  

And cumbersome regulation? Unlike his run-off challenger, David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz doesn't just talk about the EPA's rampant, job-killing overregulation, he fought against it.

One of the real challenges we're facing is abusive environmental laws.  Now every candidate in this senate race talks about reigning in the EPA.  In a Texas senate race it isn't complicated; that's the right thing to say.  When President Obama put in place the offshore drilling moratorium, I represented the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, twenty-nine Chambers of Commerce up and down the Gulf Coast, challenging this in federal court. The Federal Court of Appeals agreed with us that the drilling moratorium was contrary to federal law.  Now sadly, the President just reissued the order and stopped granting permits.  There has been a pattern of lawlessness by the administration.

And finally, on the subject of national sovereignty

I'm the only candidate in this race that has ever stood up and fought the U.N. and not just fought the U.N. but won, had the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that the World Court and the United Nations have zero authority in the United States of America. That's how you distinguish between someone who is just spouting campaign rhetoric and someone who is ready to stand up and fight. 

The only way to rollback the Obama agenda is to elect more legislators who will fight against government expansion and for individual freedom and liberty.  Ted Cruz is a fighter, a principled conservative who will lead by example, not by empty catch phrases and compromise.  I think it's about time we had more representatives in Washington, D.C. walking the walk, don't you?

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