SuperPAC Funded by Murphy's Father Releases Ad Portraying West Beating Women

By Kemberlee Kaye, 08/09/12

Breitbart TV picked up a nasty attack ad this morning. The ad first released July 31, is sponsored by an anti-West SuperPAC and portrays Allen West in a boxing ring punching women. The ad's YouTube description explains, "Allen West is a bully.  He has been called "unhinged", "radical", and "dangerous". And he personifies everything that is wrong with Congress today.  American Sunrise has launched the ad "FIGHTER" to show in their opinion just how bad Allen West has been for seniors, women, and middle class working families.

The ad directs viewers to an equally ridiculous website, pictured beneath. How ridiculous? Links on the site include one called "Allen West gone wild." 

Stop Allen West is run by the same SuperPAC running the ad, American Sunrise. Not surprisingly, American Sunrise endorsed one candidate and one candidate only -- West's Democratic oponent, Patrick Murphy. But it gets better.  FEC filings show American Sunrise has two donors and has received a total of $350,000 in contributions. $250,000 of that was donated by Patrick Murphy's father.    

Political attack ads are standard fare, but baselessly attacking a candidate by depicting them as physically abusive crosses the line. Making the ad that much more despicable, the only white people to appear in this disgusting ad are the women getting a left hook to the face. What's an atttack ad without a good racial overtone?   

Recently, the Obama campaign experienced intense blowback for an attack ad run by a super PAC that blamed the death of a man's wife on Romney. In the Texas Senate race, the Dewhurst campaign received overwhelming backlash for a super PAC ad that blamed the tragic death of a teen on Ted Cruz. The moral of the story? Voters don't respond well to flagrant, irresponsible accusations. 

American Sunrise and the Patrick Murphy campaign were both contacted for comment, neither responded.