Sherrod Brown: The Most Liberal Member of Congress

By Kristina Ribali, 09/12/12

In a time of unprecedented spending, deficits and expanding federal government, ask yourself - do we need to reelect a senator who has the most liberal voting record in the country?  A senator who is a rubber stamp for the Obama Administration?   The great citizens of the Buckeye state have a choice, a clear choice.  

We'll let Sherrod Brown's record speak for itself.  We encourage you to read and share the attached pdf file with those who will be voting in this crucial upcoming election.  Ohio is a swing state and any and all efforts to help get out the vote will be a force multiplier in assisting the removal of Barack Obama from the White House and electing a conservative senate majority! 

You can also help by making calls from your home to support Josh Mandel.  We have a great video tutorial to assist you.  We've got an incredible base of support in Ohio and activists who are working around the clock to unseat Sherrod Brown.  What are you willing to do to help? 



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