Sarah Palin Endorses Our Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock

By Matt Kibbe, 04/29/12

Palin Lugar

Our endorsed Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock's good news continued this weekend as former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed his candidacy. This stunning news comes just days after a new poll revealed that Mourdock now leads incumbent RINO Dick Lugar by 5 points!

This race is quickly becoming a national turning point, where we once again prove the power of the Tea Party movement to beat the establishment.

Establishment group American Action Network, who had been supporting Lugar's fledgling campaign, has backed out of the race as a tidal wave of momentum shifts toward Mourdock.

On May 5th, FreedomWorks for America, the National Rifle Association, and 45 local Tea Party groups are hosting a National Tea Party Rally for Richard Mourdock in Indianapolis just before the May 8th Indiana Republican primary. After the rally, we will also be hosting campaign literature drops, GOTV sign blitzes, and neighborhood walks to help him win! RSVP Now