Paul Sadler No Match for Ted Cruz in First Texas Senate Debate

By Kemberlee Kaye, 10/04/12

Tuesday night, Ted Cruz squared off against Democratic Senate Candidate, Paul Sadler in the first of two scheduled debates.

Stumbling out of the gate, Sadler demanded to know why Cruz refused to accept all six debate invites. Cruz calmly explained that he was on the road meeting with voters on a constant basis, visiting a different city virtually every day.   

Such was the case for the duration of the debate. Spending the lionshare of his time interrupting Cruz and complaining to the moderators that Cruz was talking too much, Sadler even went so far as to ask Cruz if he was a "birther" and whether or not Cruz believed President Obama was a Christian. 

But while Sadler was spending his time attacking Cruz, Cruz utilized his time to dileneate between his stance on issues and Sadler's. When asked about his position on foreign aid, Cruz stated, "I don't think we should be funding those who behave contrary to our intests" also noting that, "bullies and tyrants don't respect weakness." When Obamacare was mentioned, Sadler tried unsuccessfully to pin Cruz as a heartless Republican. Cruz immediately responded saying that while Obamacare must be repealed, "healthcare reform should expand with the marketplace." 

Towards the end of the debate, Sadler tried to bring Mrs. Cruz and her opinions in to the discussion. Cruz promptly shut down this line of questioning. And when Sadler called Cruz a "troll," Cruz smiled and said, "I'm sorry you believe I am a troll."  

There was ample opportunity for Sadler to appeal to Democratic base in Texas and define his relatively unknown platform.  Perhaps Texas will learn more about Sadler's beliefs in the next and final debate, scheduled for October 19.