New Poll Shows Don Stenberg Rising in Nebraska

By Josh Eboch, 02/02/12

Poll numbers released today by Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund seem to bode well for state Treasurer and FWFA-endorsed candidate for Senate Don Stenberg in Nebraska. With just over three months to go before election day, Stenberg is only a few points behind the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination and closing fast.

From the report compiled by Basswood Research:

Both Attorney General John Bruning and Treasurer Don Stenberg are well-known and well-liked by Nebraska Republicans. However, they are wearing very differently on the campaign trail. In the seven months between the two surveys, Bruning has seen his favorability decline by a net of six points, and his ballot support drop by eight points. At the same time, Stenberg has seen his favorability grow by a net of five points, and his ballot support increase by nearly ten points.

The primary election is quite close now, and the two leading candidates are clearly
heading in opposite directions. It appears that the longer Nebraska Republicans examine the two candidates, the more Bruning’s support fades and Stenberg’s rises.