New Ad Uses Children to Attack Allen West

By Kemberlee Kaye, 08/28/12

It looks like Patrick Murphy is at it again with another nasty attack ad.  A few weeks ago, a SuperPAC funded by Murphy's father portrayed West beating up women.  The latest tasteless ad features children reciting some of the left's least favorite West quotes and concluding that West, "needs a time out."

On a conference call Thursday, West responded saying this would be a, "very viscious election cycle, not about facts and issues because they [the Democrats] can't run on their records." West went on to say:

Our opponent wants to play political gimmick games but we will take the high ground and show them as desperate as they are by drawing people with our message. We're in a great position, we have the resources and a very strong campaign. We have the ability to define ourselves long before they liberals define who we are but that doesn't mean we take anything for granted.  We look forward to victory on the sixth of November and standing by Constiutional principles.  These principles win out at the end of the day. 

Across the board, incumbent Democrats are relying on character assasination to compensate for their record of failure. Even President Obama's campaign engaged in dishonest tactics. But as West said:

The liberal, progressive, socialist theory has never been successful anywhere in the world.  It goes against the founding premise that our founding fathers laid forth.  The challenge is that you have people in the government, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi that don't believe our inalienable rights come from our creator.

Great advice for anyone involved in the political arena this election season, West said, "we need to make the case and stay focused on the issues and not follow them down in to that rabbit hole."