FWFA Teaches GOTV Online for Ohio Activists

By David Spielman, 08/16/12

On Wednesday, FreedomWorks for America campaigns staff David Spielman and Henry Graebe hosted an online “Get-Out-The-Vote” training for Buckeyes focused on beating Sherrod Brown and electing Josh Mandel to the US Senate.  Over 150 activists from Ohio joined in on the FreedomWorks Facebook page to hear from the two as they discussed the various tools and technology that will be influential in electing Josh Mandel to the Senate.  Using online Live Stream technology allowed for a broader audience, listening from the comfort of their own home.

Spielman and Graebe stressed the importance of key GOTV strategies including:

•    Yard signs and sign blitzing
•    Door to door campaigning
•    Phone banking
•    Sign waves
•    Social media

The two made it clear that the difference in this election will come down to local activists putting in the time to organize a massive campaign operation throughout the state.  Graebe introduced activists to the FreedomWorks for America online walking map technology, Voter Gravity, and online phone banking technology, FLS-Connect.  Using these two tools allow the activist to work to help elect conservatives from the comfort on their own home as well as help implement a national approach to various statewide races.  Using the online phone banking technology activists in New York or Delaware can call for candidates in Ohio or Florida, two incredibly important swing states.

The training lasted roughly an hour and a half with great questions coming in from the online audience.  Both Spielman and Graebe discussed the particular struggle Josh Mandel faces in dethroning Liberal superstar Sherrod Brown.  Spielman stressed the importance of not wasting a single day stressing that the difference between victory and defeat may be only a few hundred votes. 

Following the training, feedback from the activists who participated was overwhelmingly positive, with many signing up to be distribution centers for materials and still more signing up to help walk neighborhoods and make phone calls. 
FreedomWorks for America plans to conduct more of these online trainings for other states including Florida, Arizona and Indiana, and will continue to follow up with more training in Ohio. 

If you are interested in scheduling one of these trainings please contact David Spielman at dspielman@freedomworks.org

If you are interested in helping elect Josh Mandel to the Senate please sign up to make phone calls by clicking the “make calls” button by clicking here