FreedomWorks Hosts GOTV Grassroots Training Event in GA

By Meghan Feely, 08/09/12

FreedomWorks hosted a great grassroots training event this past Saturday in Brunswick, Georgia, with over 50 activists showing up in attendance. During the event, activists were taught the basics of grassroots success, including how to use FreedomConnector to connect with other local activists and how to phone bank for their favorite fiscally Conservative candidates by using the FreedomWorks for America website.


The activists were also given a presentation on local Georgia politics, with special emphasis on how to use their new GOTV skills to help FreedomWorks endorsed Martha Zoller win a US House seat during this upcoming election season.


In addition to local politics, activists heard from Allen Page on the significance of the upcoming Senate races involving FreedomWorks endorsed candidates Connie Mack in Florida and Josh Mandel in Ohio that will help us take back the all-too-crucial Senate this November. Among other things, Allen went over the importance of grassroots activists all over the country in helping to bring about these candidates’ success through incorporating their new GOTV skillset, including post card and sign blitzing.