Flake Wraps Up Campaign Just as it Started, On a Positive Note

By Kemberlee Kaye, 11/05/12

The race to replace retiring Arizona Senator Kyl has had its ups and downs.  Endorsed by Senators Kyl and McCain, Rep. Flake has held a steady lead over Democratic challenger and former Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona. As the race winds down, Rep. Flake makes a final pitch to Arizonans:

All candidates say they'll reform Washington. I did. They say they'll stop wasteful spending. I have. So you know when I say I'll fight the liberal, big government agenda in Washington, I will.  Some want the title of Senator. I want to be your senator, to work for you. There's a lot riding on this election. I'm Jeff Flake and I approve this message. And I'd sure appreciate your vote.

Recent polls show Flake up by six points, having held a rather consistent lead since the primary. As all pundits and politicos will say, "it's all about voter turn out." As Arizonans head to the polls, there's only one candidate with a proven record of fighting for limited government and individual liberty and that candidate is Rep. Jeff Flake.