Economy Leaves Voters with Important Decisions

By Henry Graebe, 06/01/12

Three months ago, the New York Times referred to the 120,000 jobs created in March as “disappointing.”  The number of jobs added in April, originally released as 115,000, was revised down to just 77,000. Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the number of jobs added to the economy in May- a mere 69,000. How will the New York Times refer to this month’s job report? How about 'epic failure'?

President Obama’s administration sold the $825 billion stimulus package by promising that unemployment would be below 6 percent at this point in 2012.  Without the stimulus, they projected unemployment would currently stand around 7 percent. Instead, the American people got the worst of both. Unemployment is rising, job creation is shrinking, and each American now owes, on average, an estimated $50,000 to the government.

Mitt Romney has already described the present jobs report as “devastating.”  Although unemployment is now at 8.2 percent, it may be closer to 20 percent when factoring in people who are underemployed.  Two-thirds of Americans currently think that the country is headed in the wrong direction and, as France doubles down on failed economic policies with a new socialist president, now is as good a time as ever for us to head in a different direction and finally put an end to the fiscal insanity.

It is imperative for voters to recognize this dichotomy.  Do we want another four years of Barack Obama? Are we going to allow Orrin Hatch to continue raising our national debt by trillions of dollars or will we vote for Dan Liljenquist, who has a proven record of reforming broken systems? (He even received the nickname “The Change Agent.”) Would you rather have a limited government candidate in Ted Cruz or a moderate, tax-hiking candidate in David Dewhurst?

The contrast is huge and the consequences are dire.  It’s time for Americans to take back their country, their money, and their freedom and to keep the American dream alive by lowering unemployment and giving everyone a chance at prosperity.

Let’s begin by voting for Scott Walker, Sam Aanestad, and Steve King on Tuesday, June 5.