Door-knocking: Winning One at a Time

By Derek Ellerman, 10/04/12

If you’re wondering what the single most effective way to campaign is, I have the answer: face-to-face conversation! Nothing is more persuasive than showing others that you are so committed to a cause that you are willing to engage them in person and respectfully share your beliefs.

At FreedomWorks for America we make it as easy as possible to get started.

Watch this short video to learn how and start today!

All politics is local. FreedomWorks for America has deployed technology that allows you to target voters in your area for door-knocking and literature drops. It doesn’t get any easier than using our tools and you can get started right away.

Get to know your neighbors and organize walking parties with your Tea Party or activist group. If you’re wondering how FreedomWorks for America and our allies were able to beat heavily-funded, establishment juggernauts like David Dewhurst in Texas and Dick Lugar in Indiana, it was through the strongest ground game in the country. 

If door-knocking isn’t for you, please consider making a generous donation to support the thousands of activists across America using our system. Your support allows us to offer this cutting-edge technology to grassroots activists and make a huge impact in critical elections.

Thanks! See you on the ground!