Dewhurst Waits Until the Eleventh Hour to Slander Ted Cruz

By Kemberlee Kaye, 05/28/12

Early primary voting in the Lone Star State ended Friday.  David Dewhurst rounded out early voting not with ads touting his record but with slanderous attack ads directed at Ted Cruz. But these ads weren't the typical negative ads containing just enough truth to be credible. Taking mudslinging to a new level, the Dewhurst campaign falsely accused Cruz of being pro-amnesty.

So dishonest were the ads that they drew the ire of Senator DeMint who said, "The Dewhurst campaign is all hat and no cattle."  The ads were not sponsored by a third party or a PAC, but were endorsed by the Dewhurst campaign. Mark Levin also spoke out against these fable-filled ads saying, "Ted Cruz has never supported anmesty and will never support amnesty." Levin also indicated that the sloppy Dewhurst attacks were, "what happens when you have a zillionaire, an establishment, moderate, Republican who is desperate." 

So what is the truth? In a Texas Senate Debate held April 13, Cruz said:

We have an illegal immigration crisis and we need to do everything humanly possible to secure the border.  That means fences, that means walls, that means technology like helicopters and drones with infrared and most importantly that means boots on the ground.

A bill I intend to introduce in the Senate is a bill to triple border patrol.  I am categorically opposed to amnesty, I strongly support legal immigrants who come here seeking the American dream.  

This is an issue where there's a real difference between me and Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst.  He has publicly supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens, he has publicly supported santuary cities, I disagree with him on both. 

In a March 5 article, the always left-leaning Houston Chronicle complained:

While he [Cruz] often tells the story of his father fleeing Cuban oppression and celebrates legal immigration, he's a hard-liner on border security and illegal immigration.  He opposes amnesty, the DREAM act and the Texas law that allows in-state college tuition to children of illegal immigrants.

The ads seem to be a giant case of projection.  It was Dewhurst that killed the bill banning sanctuary cities and Dewhurst that killed the bill that would've ended in-state tuition for illegal aliens. 

The Texas primary is tomorrow. "All of these elections have national consequences," said Mark Levin. "All of these senators are going to be voting on your future and the future of your family."  You can get involved. You can ensure Texas elects a powerful conservative voice to the U.S. Senate.