Dewhurst Continues to Play More Political Games

By Saul Mendoza, 06/20/12

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s campaign released a video today labeling Ted Cruz as the “DC PAC Man.” In their video the campaign illustrates a version of the classic arcade game, Pac-Man, but rather than the yellow pac-dot munching circle we see the head of Ted Cruz running around the familiar maze. As Ted’s face progresses it eats the logos of all the PACs that have helped aid his campaign such as that of Club for Growth and FreedomWorks. In the end the Pac-man Ted Cruz runs into the equivalent of the Pac-man ghosts which in this case is the great state of Texas.

I applaud the Dewhurst campaign for the creativity; however, once again they try to label Ted Cruz as a DC insider which is a complete lie. Instead of having the logo of FreedomWorks pop up with the amount of money they have contributed to the campaign, when Ted Cruz eats its power pellet, they should mention that FreedomWorks has more than 100,000 members in the state of Texas. These members were the ones who contacted FreedomWorks and asked for the support for their favorite candidate Ted Cruz. This is not a top-down campaign but rather grassroots efforts by Texans who are tired of the status quo and want a true conservative to represent them in the US Senate.

Dewhurst keeps mentioning that Ted has received funding from DC but people seem to ignore that most of Ted Cruz’s campaign is funded by small donations from multiple individuals while much of Dewhurst’s money comes from Texas lobbyists and Dewhurst’s own pocket that can bear the burden of buying this election. Ted Cruz has the most individual donations in the state of Texas than Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. Whether it’s been a volunteering or giving a $1 donation, activists in Texas want to see Ted Cruz succeed and will not be drowned out by big spender David Dewhurst.