Campaign Tip of the Week

By Henry Graebe, 10/10/12

Using social media is a great way to reach a mass audience in a cost effective way which, in essence, is what grassroots campaigning is all about.  An individual no longer needs to rely solely on a candidate to spread a message on their behalf.  Even those who are not able, or not willing, to sign blitz or phone bank are still able to participate in the process and make a difference before Election Day.

FreedomWorks for America has produced fact books and videos for all of the major Senate and House races. These books can be accessed by clicking on “candidates” at the top of this page and then typing in the name of the candidate. For example, if you are looking for a fact book that attacks Sherrod Brown’s record, you would find the PDF version here:

It is listed as Sherrod Brown Book.pdf.  Feel free to post this link or facts from the book on Facebook, Twitter, and your personal emails.

FreedomWorks for America has also created short videos to be posted on Facebook and Twitter which can be found here:

By taking these videos and posting them on Twitter using the correct hashtag, such as #OHSEN (Ohio Senate) for the Josh Mandel race, you are able to spread a quick message to thousands of people.

Henry Graebe

FWFA Campaigns

Twitter: @HenryGraebe