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By Henry Graebe, 09/20/12

Walking maps are a vital part of door-to-door canvassing. A lot of time and energy can be wasted by knocking on doors in a heavily Democratic area. On the other hand, few things are able to provide the thrill that comes from talking to neighbors and convincing them to vote for your candidate. FreedomWorks for America aims to avoid the former and provide the latter with its walking map technology.

Each of the FWFA endorsed candidates has multiple types of “Get Out The Vote” materials available. Aside from yard signs, FWFA is able to send door hangers, palm cards, bumper stickers, fact books, and more. These materials are great for neighborhood canvassing and can be used to speak to your neighbors about the importance of the election and the difference between candidates. However, with less than 50 days until November 6, it is important to maximize your efforts and target independent voters as well as ‘lazy Republicans.’

Fortunately, FreedomWorks for America provides this door-to-door technology. By putting this technology to use, activists can be confident that they are not wasting their time by knocking on the doors of determined Democrats.  It allows users to bring campaign literature to the most persuadable voters.

How To Access Walking Maps

There are two ways to access the canvassing technology. The easiest and most efficient way is via smartphone. Many people try to access the software through the app store. This is a common misconception. On your smartphone, enable the GPS and then, through the mobile web browser, type in On the right side of the page is a blue box titled “Get Walk Lists.” After clicking on the blue box, a choice of races will appear. Select the candidate/race you wish to walk for.

Walking maps

Then, a prompt will appear to sign in with a Freedom Connector account. After selecting the red “Walk” box and the “Near me” button, your phone will locate the 20 closest voters. This can be done anywhere throughout the state or district.

The second way to create walking maps is on a computer, which allows the user to print out actual maps to carry with them while walking. If you are interested in creating your own maps, please contact Henry Graebe at for instructions on how to do so.


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