Campaign Tip of the Week

By Henry Graebe, 09/07/12

One of the great tools offered by FreedomWorks for America is yard signs. These signs are a great way to boost a candidate’s name recognition and a single, well-placed sign can potentially reach thousands of voters.

With November 6 rapidly approaching, it is worth taking a few minutes to describe several do’s and do not’s when using yard signs. This will help to maximize efforts prior to the election.

DO #1 – Adopt-A-Highway

FreedomWorks for America encourages activists to communicate with their local grassroots teams and discuss the strategy of “Adopt-a-Highway.” Get together with your friends and fellow activists to determine the most heavily trafficked areas within a convenient commute and divide them up. For example, if there is a busy exit ramp from a highway near your house, or a median on a busy road, travel to that spot every weekend and make sure there are plenty of signs there. As you see in the picture below, this is a perfect example of a volunteer who “adopted” a busy exit ramp and ensured that there were always plenty of signs being exposed to thousands of drivers each day.

If the signs are removed for whatever reason, be sure to replace them!

Don’t #1 – Join the Groupthink

Everyone has seen this at some point:


Too often, campaigns and activists see a cluster of signs and feel the need to join them. “If everyone is placing a sign here, it must be a good spot and therefore so should I.”  It is very unlikely that someone driving or walking past these signs will remember any of the names. If a candidate is remembered, it is even more unlikely that it will be the one you are supporting. This is lacking efficiency in your time and effectiveness of the sign. We suggest avoiding this groupthink mentality. It is a pretty fair bet that in either direction there is an empty spot to place a sign and that is where you want yours to go.

DO #2 – Target the Precincts

As November 6 approaches, place a great deal of signs in front of each voting location 24-48 hours before the day of the election. As undecided and ‘soft’ voters show up to vote, this last minute appeal can be the difference between winning and losing. A simple internet search will allow you to print out all of the voting locations and have plenty of signs in place. Here is another example from Texas where activists placed signs in front of their precincts:


Remember, Ted Cruz upset the establishment and won by 13 points!

DO NOT #2 – Hold the Signs

Placing a sign in your front yard is good, but it is not good enough. GET THE SIGNS OUT NOW!  It is imperative to boost a candidate’s name ID as soon as possible. Do not feel as though you need to keep the signs in your garage so that you have them just prior to the election.  FreedomWorks for America will replenish your supply, so keep getting them out!

*P.S. – Please remember to place the signs on public property only and obey all local statutes.


Henry Graebe

FWFA Campaigns

Twitter: @HenryGraebe