All Hands on Deck: America Needs Your Help to Take Back the Senate

By Kemberlee Kaye, 08/27/12

There's no time to waste. With just over two months left until the election, our only chance of completely and totally repealing the atrocity of Obamacare is to elect a Republican majority in the Senate. With all eyes on the presidential race (and yes, we must win that one too) we have to quicken our pace and amp up our efforts in the Senate races. 

We have an incredible opportunity this election season. Not only are several winnable Senate seats up for grabs, but we have an abundance of strong, conservative candidates to chose from. This is not a prospect we can afford to squander. 

While we have seats like Texas where Ted Cruz is up ten points, that's not the case across the board. Currently, Richard Mourdock is leading his oponent by two points in Indiana but Josh Mandel is polling a point behind Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio and Connie Mack is polling nine points behind Senator Nelson in Florida. Arizona's primary is August 28 and Jeff Flake will likely emerge as the Republican nominee to replace Senator Kyle. 

Replacing old guard Republicans with strong, principled conservatives is crucial to ensuring a constitutionally sound agenda and we certainly can't succeed if we forfeit the ground we've worked so hard to gain. But even more vital is picking up seats currently held by Democrats. This is where you come in. 

Ted Cruz said time and time again that his campaign success was a, "testament to the power of grassroots organization." 

I asked Senator Mike Lee why it's so important for people to get involved in the Senate elections. Senator Lee had this to say:

When I ran for the Senate two years ago, I had people from all over the country helping me.  People all over the country making phone calls for my campaign, never has it been so easy for people to do that from such a long distance. A lot of people from all over the country making donations to the campaign and helping the campaign one way or another. There are all kinds of things you can do these days to help people from all over the country. I can't overstate the importance of that.

Richard Mourdock said:

If our race isn't the one they're going to be energized to help, find another one. Don't sit back. This is the most important election since 1860, it really is, the country is so torn in all directions, we have to have everybody energized and involved.  

FreedomWorks has made grassroots activism easier than ever. Once you find a campaign you connect with and a candidate you believe in, you can make calls from the comfort of your own home.  Elections are won by pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, making phone calls and engaging with voters who would otherwise not be involved in the electoral process.  

Limited government and invidual liberty are virtues nestled deep in the heart of every American. These ideals allow freedom to flourish. They are the winning message. If we are to have any chance of nullifying the Obama agenda it will take committed activists like you, working in your communities or on the phones interacting with the public. For a comprehensive list of resources, click here. If you'll be in the Cincinatti area September 15, we hope you'll join us for a Grassroots Bootcamp at FreePAC Ohio. Now is the time.