A Huge Grassroots Victory

By Matt Kibbe, 04/21/12


In an unprecedented grassroots victory, FreedomWorks Utah and limited government activists forced Senator Orrin Hatch into his first-ever primary, holding the six-term Senator below the 60 percent nomination threshold at the Utah State Convention.

FreedomWorks for America and Coalition of Conservative Utah Activists Respond to Senator Hatch’s NPR Threats

By Jacqueline Bodnar, 04/19/12

Greetings from Salt Lake City, UT! Yesterday, about 25 Utah conservatives gathered at the State Capitol in solidarity to condemn the aggressive and bully-like language used by Senator Hatch in a recent interview with NPR.  

Mourdock Takes the Lead

By Henry Graebe, 04/19/12

With only two and a half weeks left before the Indiana primary, a new poll shows Richard Mourdock as more than just a serious contender. In fact, he is now the frontrunner. The latest poll, released on April 18, shows Mourdock capitalizing on the momentum from the past several months and now gaining a one point lead over his opponent Senator Dick Lugar.

Huge Votes for Bigger Government by Dick Lugar

By Matt Kibbe, 04/18/12

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Feinberg Ad hits Pittsburgh Radio

By Henry Graebe, 04/16/12

FreedomWorks for America has launched radio advertisements supporting Evan Feinberg. 

They are currently being played on the following Pittsburgh stations:

  • KDKA 1020 AM
  • WPGE 104.7 FM

Our ad highlights Feinberg's plan to spark job creation by embracing Pennsylvania's energy sources, his promise to repeal Obamacare, and his committment to reduce our nation's $15 trillion debt.

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Hoosier Conservatives Keep Mourdock Momentum Going Before Debate

By , 04/12/12

Sign waveFor more than two hours leading up to last night's Indiana Senate debate between Richard Mourdock and six-term incumbent, Dick Lugar, over two dozen Mourdock supporters lined North Meridian Street in Indianapolis waving signs and chanting "Retire Lugar." They were well received by passing drivers, many of whom honked and gave the thumbs up.