Tea Party Group Touts Digital Plans to Match Obama

By , 09/29/11

Who says Barack Obama and the Democrats have a leg up in the online organizing department? Tea Party group FreedomWorks this afternoon unveiled its own plans for using digital tools like mobile GPS and online ads to "Fire Obama."

An email sent to supporters from FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe offers a "detailed campaign plan to secure victory over Obama," which includes "taking traditional grassroots campaign techniques and updating them for the 21st century with innovative technologies."

Dems turn formation of new Tea Party super PAC into fundraising pitch

By , 09/24/11

A day after a leading Tea Party group announced it would launch its own super PAC to funnel money to conservative candidates, Democrats strove to raise money off concerns that PAC could enable the GOP to take control of the Senate.

FreedomWorks, a non-profit that is considered one of the driving forces behind the Tea Party Movement, announced plans to set up a PAC Friday at the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference.

A Letter from FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe

By Matt Kibbe, 09/22/11

If the U.S. government were a Fortune 100 company, it would be ripe for a hostile takeover.

The company books are awash in red ink with a $1.4 trillion operating deficit and almost $15 trillion in debt, with over $110 trillion in hidden pension liabilities kept off the books. Major investment initiatives designed to stem job layoffs, like a $786 billion investment in “stimulus” was recently revealed as “not shovel ready after all.” Even more alarming, the CEO’s signature initiative to “bend the health care cost curve” has been exposed as actuarially unsound, been summarily rejected by the majority of health plan participants, and deemed unconstitutional by a federal appellate court.

PODCAST: How much trouble is Obama in?

By Tabitha Hale, 09/21/11

Obama’s numbers are in free fall. His favorability and approval ratings are dropping quickly, and the GOP candidates are likely feeling more and more confident about their chances.

How bad are things for Obama? Not bad enough that we can stop working to get the best candidate in this cycle elected. Tune in to listen to Michael Duncan and I tear about the numbers state by state, to see just how much trouble Obama is in this cycle.

Tea Party group forms its own 'super committee'

By , 09/21/11

Washington (CNN) – As the congressional "super committee" works in Washington to cut America's federal debt, a panel of tea party activists will meet at a Denny's restaurant in Orlando to propose their own debt solutions.

The gathering, convened by the large conservative political group FreedomWorks, will meet Sept. 23, coinciding with the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual meeting of right-leaning politicians.

FreedomWorks to launch Super PAC

By , 09/20/11

FreedomWorks, a bellwether tea party organization, will join the growing list of advocacy groups to launch a Super PAC, it announced Tuesday. The official launch of FreedomWorks for America (FWFA) will take place at the Florida CPAC convention later this week.

The goal, according to a press release, is to “empower the leaderless, decentralized community of the tea party movement as it continues its hostile takeover of the GOP establishment.”