KEPR-TV catches Dan Newhouse lying about Clint Didier

By Jason Pye, 10/28/14

Voters in Washington's Fourth Congressional District will have until November 4th to cast a vote between constitutional conservative Clint Didier and liberal Dan Newhouse, and it's become clear that Newhouse is getting desperate.

In a Monday evening segment, KEPR-TV fact-checked the misleading statements and outright lies Newhouse, a former appointee of Democrat Gov. Christine Gregoire, has been spreading in his campaign ads

FWFA's Kibbe: What I’m Looking for on Election Night

By Jacqueline Bodnar, 10/27/14

Washington, DC- In a video addressed to FreedomWorks for America's membership, the organization’s president Matt Kibbe shared his three major predictions and some general thoughts in the final week leading up to the mid-term elections.<</p>

Winning WA-04 for Didier…One voter at a time

By Noah Wall, 10/24/14

Last weekend, just as ballots were mailed out in Washington, FreedomWorks volunteers took to the streets and blanketed high traffic areas of Kennewick and Yakima with Clint Didier lawn signs.  Mysteriously, these signs have disappeared, which you can read more about here. 

Barack Obama: If Michelle Nunn wins, Democrats keep control of the Senate

By Jason Pye, 10/23/14

If you've enjoyed ObamaCare, tax hikes, and everything else that has been a part of President Barack Obama's disastrous economic agenda, then you're totally going to love Michelle Nunn, says, well, President Obama. 

Though Nunn has worked hard to avoid being tied to President Obama -- after all, his approval rating is in the dumps in the Peach State -- during an appearance this morning on an Atlanta-based radio station, he directly connected himself to her campaign. 

FreedomWorks for America signs mysteriously go missing in WA-04

By Jason Pye, 10/22/14

You may think that lost spirits and ghouls are allowed to roam freely on All Hallows Eve, or to vote on Election Day, but it looks that they were let out a little early this year. And they're already wandering around in Washington's Fourth Congressional District. 

Watch MSNBC's Rachel Maddow absolutely destroy Kay Hagan for ducking a televised debate

By Jason Pye, 10/22/14

A day after President Barack Obama reasserted himself into Senate races in which vulnerable Democrats are running, Sen.

Barack Obama: Democrats avoiding me "are all folks who vote with me, they have supported my agenda in Congress"

By Jason Pye, 10/21/14

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama told a crowd at Northwestern University that, even though he's "not on the ballot this fall," his agenda is. 

"But make no mistake," he said. "These policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”

Liberal Commentator Turns Desperate

By logan.albright, 10/20/14

As we enter the home stretch of the midterm elections, Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate appear to be fading, and commentators on the left are beginning to panic.

Voters to candidates: Yes, we still care about ObamaCare

By Jason Pye, 10/17/14

Democrats don't want to talk about it and Republicans running against them aren't exactly hammering away at it, but a new survey shows that ObamaCare remains among the issues at the forefront of voters' minds in the 2014 mid-term election. 

Senate Democrats Claim to be Independent of Obama

By ISomberg, 10/16/14

A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office, he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker. —H.L. Menchen

FreedomWorks for America Condemns Disgusting Wendy Davis Attack Ad

By Jacqueline Bodnar, 10/10/14

Following the release of an appalling Wendy Davis attack ad against Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race, FreedomWorks for America President Matt Kibbe commented:

NC Activists for Mark Walker

By , 10/08/14

Activists in North Carolina are gearing up for November! This week we put out yard signs in Walnut Cove, NC for Mark Walker. He's running in the 6th district to fill Congressman Howard Coble's old seat. Check out some of the pictures here!

Michelle Nunn is still trying to hide her support of ObamaCare

By Jason Pye, 10/08/14

A poll conducted this summer by Vox Populi found that 48 percent of Georgians believe ObamaCare is a failure, while only 23 percent believe the law is a success. Needless to say, this view of President Obama's signature legislative achievement is a weight on Peach State Democrats.

New Poll: Grassroots-Backed Clint Didier Holds Lead over Newhouse in WA-04

By Jacqueline Bodnar, 10/01/14

According to a telephone survey of 400 likely voters in Washington’s Fourth U.S. Congressional District, the race to replace retiring Representative Doc Hastings (R-WA) is neck and neck. Grassroots-backed Clint Didier holds a lead over opponent Dan Newhouse in their 35 percent to 33 percent head-to-head ballot matchup, with 26 percent still on the fence. 

FreedomWorks for America Endorses Alex Mooney in WV-2

By Jacqueline Bodnar, 09/16/14

FreedomWorks for America announced its endorsement today for Alex Mooney for U.S. Congress in West Virginia’s second congressional district.